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Digital Video Recorder : Relation With CCTV Surveillance System

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Digital Video Recorder is the name of a pure success in case of digital communications. In this era of boundlessly moving forward while simultaneously minding the time, the common trend in communications now have changed greatly. Face to face conversation, online meetings has got the greatest of advantages through it and so does the surveillance related tasks. Actually there is a close relation between Digital Video Recorder and CCTV surveillance tasks. For having a cost consuming one-stop reliable communication solution, knowledge over the relation of digital video recorder and CCTV is truly vital. This writing would take you deep into this very point of focus.

What Is Digital Video Recorder :

This device is a product from the segment of home automation is a massive addition to the comfort of various communication related tasks. A digital video recorder, in addition, is a commendable tool for recording currently happening events which could be used by people for different kinds of purposes. These are very common in markets all over the world and very much affordable in price too. It could be used as a multi-purpose device.

There are a lot of brands of this product. Actually it depends on the choice of the user or person concerned about using this very device.

 Digital Video Recorder

Relationship With CCTV Camera Surveillance System :

There is a very close, sophisticated yet needful relation between Digital Video Recorder and CCTV camera. Here is how that happens:

  • DVR keeps all the current happenings saved for purposes which can even include investigations. Those records seriously help the law enforcing agencies to reveal the truth about any type of crime cases. Only when a camera is in the task of surveillance this can happen.
  • There are good reasons for surveillance’s in different types of areas (user selects the place). If the video is not recorded, the main purpose of surveillance leaves not even any sort of trace. So the video has to be recorded.
  • In dealing with situations like observation on suspect(s) in a given area or site, the ongoing details and framing of the whole area is to be brought into the vision. This is why Digital Video Recorders need to be set in proper points and angles so that the whole area of interest could be covered by it.
  • DVRs with face detection technology makes the visualization and recognition process of any human being ever so simple. This truly accelerates the relevant tasks and makes finding out people through identifying their faces.
  • The recorded video can be a vital evidence for any sort of act of crimes. CCTV surveillance cameras do the job with sheer accuracy as they keep the original recorded version of the happenings, so does the Digital Video Recorder.

Types of Digital Video Recorder :

Types of DVR are several. With the advancement in digital devices that render video recording solutions to the users, the kinds of Digital Video Recorders would get more in number and quality. Some basic types of this product are:

1. Camcorders   2. Handycams   3. Night Vision Video Recorders and so on.

How can i Buy It ???

If you really want to buy digital video recorder with mobile surveillence facilities just go to & Buy.


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  1. Hello there. I found this writing to be a great one! Was looking for an informative writing about CCTV actually and got all the answers :D Keep up the good work.

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